Our concept is a mirror of the cultural identity of the island and although its prevailing imprint is the Italian one, it does not fail to offer flavours that reflect a multiethnic and cosmopolitan culture.

Sottozero The Gelato Factory is an ice cream shop founded in 2006 and today one of the most popular in Malta. Throughout these years, we have been striving to invest in our brand and diversify in new product lines whilst keeping the quality artisan product as our primary focus.

Christian, born in Italy in Viserba, to an Italian father and Maltese mother, lived in Italy until the age of three and then moved to Malta. His mother’s great passion for cooking, born from the fusion between the Maltese and the Romagna ones, soon spurred him to deal first with gastronomy and then with ice cream.

In their ice cream shop, a few steps from Bugibba Square, Christian tells us his story, made of sacrifices and commitment but also of important achievements.

Once they moved to the island, the Granata family started operating a business in the clothing sector, and later, in 1996, they decided to diversify in the catering industry. In 2006 they opened the second outlet which focused on artisan ice cream and from then onwards, the name Sottozero The Gelato Factory was created and continued to flourish. Since then training and never stopped with different renowned organisations in Italy, namely Carpigiani, Giampaolo Valli, Alice Vignoli and Paolo Luccheti?.

Sottozero The Gelato Factory started off with 24 classic and fruit flavours, to later added trendy flavours such as Mars or Snickers. After further investment, a new dedicated laboratory was set up exclusively for the preparation of gluten-free ice cream. The Maltese Celichia Association has helped the brand in this process and today, by our choice, all our ice creams are gluten-free.

Today, Sottozero The Gelato Factory offers a range of 120 flavours, which rotate on a weekly basis with 60 different flavours constantly on display. The Granata family made sure to keep abreast with the trends and have the largest selection of gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free, vegan and fat-free ice cream. Let?s not forget about the granita which is made from Maltese fresh fruits which are delivered on a daily basis from the local farmers.

Christian Granata did not hesitate to mention the Snickers chocolate and the Halva taste as his favourite flavour, with an Arabic taste made with sesame seed oil, sugar and almonds. Other typical Maltese flavours are Pomegranate, Prickly Pear and Strawberry. There are a wide range of flavours which are associated with other countries such as Banoffee ice cream, a flavour that reproduces the typical English cake made with banana, toffee, or toffee and shortbread biscuits. A taste also proposed by the prestigious Italian companies such as MEC3 and Pregel. Sottozero The Gelato Factory is continuously creating new, exciting flavours which represent cultures from all over the world as they see gelato as a language which speaks all languages and is a symbol of happiness and unity for every generation.




44, Spring Street,
Bugibba, St. Paul’s Bay,
SPB 2560, Malta
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Monday – Sunday
05:30AM – 02:00AM


19, The Strand,
SLM 1026, Malta

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95, Triq San Lawrenz,
BRG 1386, Malta

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